Surface Selector Tool

If you don’t know how different stamps are made, it’s easy to assume that all stamps are made the same, that they can all be applied to the same surfaces, or that there are surfaces that NO stamp can be applied to. Neither is necessarily the case. Though most rubber stamps are used on standard paper, they can also be used on unconventional surfaces like plastic, glass, fabric and leather. However, using the wrong kind of stamp on special materials can lead to disappointing results. So how are you supposed to know which stamps work best on which surfaces? That’s where our Stamp Surface Selector comes in.When you select stamp by surface, there isn’t any guesswork involved. You can just click on the surface you want to apply your stamps to, and you’ll be given product categories with options that are safe for your surfaces and work really well. For example, glossier surfaces, like plastic, glass and metal, will require quick-dry materials and non-porous pads, while there are UV stamps and skin-safe kits for hand stamps at nightclubs, skating rinks, amusement parks, etc. What ever your stamp needs are, our Stamp Surface Selector will help you choose the safest and most professional supplies for your business or home office. You’ll be amazed at the variety of options you have when you select a stamp by surface.One product category you might notice pop up again and again while you browse is our line of Wood Hand Stamps. Wood stamps are the most traditional version of a rubber stamp; they work well on a variety of different surfaces, as long as you’re using the right kind of ink, and they can be customized to meet any unique design needs. Consider stocking up on these invaluable office materials today.At Rubber Stamp Champ, we know how valuable stamps are as a tool to have on hand. We want our customers to use and enjoy these convenient tools for as long as possible, which is why we ensure we always supply the top products that will cover every need you may have, including the industry’s finest stamp cleaners. Do you have any questions about or exceptional and affordable inventory? Please, feel free to reach out to us and contact us at any time. Our excellent customer service team would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect stamp solution for you.