Daters & Numbers

Dates are important in any type of business. From knowing when orders were shipped to when they arrived and the person responsible for inspection; dates are an essential element in many industries. An easy solution to keep dates organized and accurate is the use of high-quality date stampers. They save time on writing dates out by hand and offer a long-lasting impression. These easily adjustable stamps allow users to simply turn a dial to find the right date, stamp and release for the easiest way to track dates.We offer a diverse selection of date stampers to help your business stay on top of date tracking. Offered in a variety of sizes and ink pad colors, we have date stampers in models ranging from the durability of metal to the lightweight properties of plastic stamps. All of our impeccably crafted options can offer not only a crisp, clean impression every time, but also, can last for thousands of impressions. Featuring the option of antimicrobial handles to safeguard against germs, designs meant to withstand even the most repetitive of stamping, and easy to change ink pads, these date stampers offer a variety of helpful assets to make stamping easier.Whether looking for a heavy duty self-inking stamper or a non-self-inking pocket-sized stamper, we have the options you need. We offer many different designs of artwork or inscriptions for these carefully constructed stamps, including popular choices such as “Inspected”, “Received On”, “Approved On”, and “Warning” imprints. We can customize any of our date stamps to include not just these headings and adjustable dates, but also company name or logo and address, depending on the model and size you choose.With over 30 years of being one of the leading suppliers of custom rubber stamps, we are honored to be your choice for all stamp needs. At Rubber Stamp Champ, we are committed to delivering only the highest in quality, durability and beauty to our customers. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our inventory or fast order turn-around. Call or order online with our easy ordering system today!