Lion Automatic Numbering Machines


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    LION 10 Wheel Lever-Action Numbering Machine

    This high quality Lion 10 wheel lever-action numbering machine is precision crafted and features an easy to grip handle. This 10 digit, metal wheel, stamp machine has a Roman font style set at 3/16″ (14 pt). Featuring a drop cipher to drop any wheel from printing and a lever which when clicked, the number will advance up to the 6th wheel (last 6 digits), and the rest of wheels can be manually changed by using a stylus. This self inking numbering machine is ideal for sequential numbering operations. Dry ink pad and a bottle of black, blue or red ink are included with each machine.

    Product Features

    • Lever-Action, 10-Wheel
    • Roman Font, 3/16″
    • 3 Ink Color Options
    • Non-Customizable
    • Refillable
    • Lasts thousands of impressions





    12 × 23 × 56 cm


    Black, Red, Blue, Green


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