Peg Stamp, Round 1/4″


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    Peg Stamp, Round 1/4″
    Our round 1/4″ wooden peg stamp provides a precision engraved synthetic rubber perfect for all types of ink. This stamp is customizable with text or small simple artwork and requires an ink pad, sold separately. These peg stamps are great for hard to reach places as well as, marking off inventories, showing initials for ownership of work performed and other essential communication tasks that help make a business successful. Click the customize button now to start personalizing your stamp!

    Product Features

    • 4″ Length Wooden Peg, Birchwood
    • Customize text or small design
    • Requires a separate ink pad
    • Perfect for hard to reach areas
    • Precision Engraved
    • Synthetic rubber perfect for all types of ink





    12 × 23 × 56 cm


    Black, Red, Blue, Green


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